“First life, then spaces, then buildings - the other way around never works.“



We make places work

Aletheia is the theory of unconcealed truth.

The greatest opportunity the real estate industry faces is the ever-growing demand that end-users are placing on the spaces they choose to spend their time.

At work, during leisure, entertainment or at home, expectations - informed by the luxury of convenience, super-fast availability and brand loyalties - are evolving our perspective of the places we choose to be and what services they must provide for us.


“Aletheia provide a wonderful combination of strategic thinking, creativity and passion for putting heart and soul into property. Using physical and virtual platforms, they understand how to unlock experience, loyalty, performance and social value from real estate. Can't recommend them highly enough.”

polly plunket-checkemian  |  senior executive director, mj mapp limited


Creative, strategic business results

We are a ruthless mirror to current performance and enabler to the successful curation of your own aletheia.

From understanding your customers (how they think, act and want to be captivated) we build immersive, experience rich strategies that make your built environments, and the spaces in between, come to life.

Working with you we create your aletheia through the tailoring of a unique place personality, comprised of six added value elements…


“Your unique approach, style and innovations have helped enable us to realise the outline visions we have had for our portfolio. Your input in the creation and successful delivery of management strategies for Angel Court, Television Centre and White City Place have achieved outstanding results to date for our Estate teams, Occupiers and Investors alike and leave us exceptional platforms for future success.“

nick hiles | asset management director, stanhope plc